There is STRENGTH in numbers!

Why Join RPEN?

There is STRENGTH in numbers! Public employees (retirees AND active employees still working) presume their retirement will be protected. For that to happen, it takes attention to retirement and health care issues which, if left unattended, can cause serious problems for retirees. RPEN works to ensure those concerns are addressed.

Another important reason to join RPEN is the considerable number of threats that come every Legislative Session to “reform” the Nevada Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS). The 2017 session just ended June 5 and one month later, attacks against NV PERS have begun again in earnest. The most recent came in the form of a lengthy story published by the Las Vegas Review Journal. You can read the story by clicking on the link provided below. This story outlines the negativity and misinformation that comes from some publications and the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI).

RPEN was formed in 1976, and incorporated in 1977, by a group of Nevada public employee retirees including the state’s first executive officer of PERS. These founders discovered that upon retirement, retirees not only lived on fixed incomes but saw an increasingly greater percentage of their retirement income spent for health care.

In the 1980s, RPEN helped work for the establishment of a schedule of post retirement increases for Nevada retired public employees.

RPEN has a full-time state office in Carson City. Among the services provided through this office are:

  • 3 full-time Lobbyists who take our issues to the State Legislature and beyond.
  • Taking retiree issues to the state legislature.
  • Testifying before legislative hearings and other important committees and panels.
  • Attending meetings of the PERS board, the Public Employees Benefits Program (PEBP) board, other legislative meetings and meetings of other boards and commissions.
  • Working for approval of annual post retirement increases for retired public employees.
  • Protecting post retirement increases and health insurance programs affecting retired public employees.

Below are 17 great reasons to join RPEN!

1. Representation by registered lobbyists at the Nevada Legislature.

2. In-depth quarterly print newsletter about public employee issues.

3. Regular e-mail communication from RPEN Executive Director and state staff.

4. 18 chapters statewide.

5. Opportunity to serve as an officer of the organization.

6. Opportunity to serve as a voting delegate in annual Board of Director meetings.

7. Group insurance rates for supplemental policies (including disability and long term care insurance).

8. Dental and vision plans.

9. Identity Theft, home and auto plans.

10.Pet insurance.

11.Travel Insurance & Vacation discounts.

12.Hotel discounts.

13.Computer discounts.

14.CashBack Online Retail Benefits Program.

15.Online Book discounts.

16.Rental car discounts.

And last but not least,

17.Most retirees do not realize that PERS (Public Employees’ Retirement System) and PEBP (Public Employees’ Benefits Program) come under fire in almost every state legislative session. One individual normally doesn’t have the time, means or contacts needed to stay on top of everything that can impact their retirement or health care. This is where RPEN comes in. Where a single voice would be lost in the crowd, nearly 9,000 voices will be heard, loud and clear!!!!

Public employees presume their retirement will always be protected.

For that to happen, it takes attention to retirement and health care issues. RPEN will always work to ensure those concerns are addressed.

For only $5.00 per month (by monthly PERS or ACH [automatic withdrawal from your checking account] deduction; cash, check or money order) you can be protected. That is less than the cost of a gourmet cup of coffee!!

1. You don’t need a retirement income you can count on.

2. You don’t want a solid retirement program.

3. You believe that the Nevada Legislature wants to give money to fund Nevada Public Employees’ or Retirees’ needs.

4. You don’t feel you deserve fair and equitable policies and procedures to govern your work experience.

5. You believe that, as an employee, your needs will always be considered above the needs of your department.

6. You believe that you need not be concerned about changes to your benefits.

7. You don’t feel you need to maintain, or enhance, your current health insurance package.

8. You make so much money you don’t need to participate in RPENbenefits programs.

9. You believe that RPEN lobbying power cannot be significantly enhanced by your joining the organization.

10.You want to leave all decisions regarding your compensation and benefits to politicians and bureaucrats, thus caving in to the mis-truths being spread by such organizations as the Nevada Policy Research Institute/NPRI.

Don’t kid yourself, join RPEN Today!

Who May Join?

RPEN members include former employees of cities, counties, the state, school districts, police and fire service, and other local government employers in Nevada. Any active public employee is eligible to join when they are vested with 5 years in Nevada PERS and/or turn 50 years of age or older.

Individual retirees may join RPEN if they are:

Receiving a retirement, disability, or survivor allowance from the Nevada Public Employees’ Retirement System.

Any employee of a public agency covered by Nevada PERS who is vested or age 50 or older.

The spouse of a person described above.

The surviving spouse of a deceased RPEN member, even though such surviving spouse receives no survivor allowance from PERS.

Associate Membership may be awarded to those persons who are not otherwise eligible for RPEN Membership, but desire to affiliate with an RPEN Chapter because of their interest in our objectives and programs, or to persons who have been supportive of our programs, and helpful to us in achieving our goals. Such Associate Members shall have no voice or vote and would not be eligible to hold any chapter or state office in RPEN.

How to Join

RPEN membership dues are $5 per month, deducted from your monthly PERS check when you join RPEN. Dues may also be paid by ACH (Automated Clearing House/Automated Deductions from your Checking/Debit Account) or by cash, check or money if requested by a retiree or active member who wants to be billed annually thereafter for those dues.

Complete and sign the membership application below. To process your RPEN membership, PERS requires your electronic signature. Spouses are also eligible to join RPEN. Please note your preferred method of payment on your application.

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Apply Today!

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You can fax your membership application to RPEN at (775) 882-6732 or mail it to:

P.O. Box 2211
Carson City, Nevada 89702

Protect Your Retirement . . . Join RPEN Today!